Consultant or a Full-time Employee

By: E L

There are a lot of decisions that come into play while choosing a career or a career path. Among these decisions is deciding whether to be a consultant or a full-time employee.


In this article, we will be going through the advantages of choosing to be a consultant and of course, doing the necessary research before deciding on which career journey is essential, ways to network with professionals in your desired industry to obtain critical insights and gain clarity on what works for you.


Being a consultant includes entertaining a wide range of benefits, including flexibility at work, higher job security, and the ability to choose work that is pleasing to you.



Consultants enjoy freedom in different forms. These forms include diversity in work and leisure time as compared to a strict full-time workweek. As the central part of a consulting career is meeting up with clients, the working hours of a consultant aren’t as constrained as that of a full-time employee.


It is possible to work on the move, and the flexible hours are suitable if you wish to pursue a better work-life balance. Not only does consulting help you  be more productive; with practical scheduling, but you are also able to either free up more time to do more things or relax.



Because consultants utilise problem-solving skills daily, they face exciting challenges that enable them to level up in skill and improve their knowledge. This benefit boosts creativity and makes work fun.


As a consultant, you will be working knowing that you are helping clients out with their challenges and gearing yourself up for higher, more interesting ones. Choosing to be a consultant opens you up to a large variety of training and opportunities. There is no shortage of fast-paced projects which facilitate on-the-job learning, which in turn helps in your career development.



First things first. Salary should not be the major determinant when choosing a career path. Consultants, on average, have high wages and excellent financial packages. If you decide to be an independent consultant, owning your corporation, you will be able to take tax write-offs for your business.



Due to the flexible work hours and exciting opportunities, the consulting career path is more open to networking events. These networking events serve as significant chances to meet other people in the career space and gain insights on day-to-day happenings that come with the job. You can also get more clients and make yourself known in the room to be recommended more often. These networking spaces range from breakfast meetings to dinner events.



All in all, consulting lets you  learn about and through various opportunities. No day is ever the same, and you will experience challenges that will build and boost your career journey. Working on these challenges enables you to have a broad skill set, including both technical and soft skills. There are also training opportunities and attractive salary options. Any experiences you have with facing challenges can be shared with experts during fun networking events, where you can obtain insights and expertise on helping clients.